Pregnancy Massage.

Congratulations Mother to be!!!

Are you suffering from swollen feet? Does your back hurts? Want to reduce stretch marks? What to help make your unborn child feel happy inside your tummy?

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage therapy specifically designed to be used during pregnancy. It is also called prenatal massage. Pregnancy massage may help relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy and is great to help you and you little one. Massage helps to promote the production of the feel good endorphins. Getting a 1 hour massage is the equivalent of getting 8 hours sleep, exactly what a mother to be needs! Pregnancy Massage

Having this kind of massage can also help when you want the baby to start moving along by pressing on pressure points. Your child will sometimes kick back when you are massaging around the tummy area as well!



A pregnant person’s body must be properly positioned and supported during the massage for the comfort and safety of the mother and growing baby. After about 20 weeks, for instance, lying on your backcan put excess pressure on your abdomen, restricting blood flow.

During a prenatal massage, you will usually positioned be lying on your side rather than on your stomach or back. This is particularly important during the later stages of pregnancy. Pillows, bolsters, or padding may be used to support your back, knees, and/or feet. Alternatively, your massage therapist may suggest that you sit upright or in a semi-reclining position.


The most common massage technique used during pregnancy massage is a long, gliding stroke used in Swedish massage (and also sometimes used to ease contraction pain during labor). If you’re used to strong pressure, you’ll likely find the pressure during pregnancy massage gentle and light.

While the massage therapist may use deeper pressure in certain areas distant from your belly like your shoulders, the overall pressure may be much lighter than what you are used to.

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  • Reduces swollen feet and hands
  • Reduces back ache
  • Reduces sciatic nerve
  • Helps to relax mother and therefore the unborn baby.

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