Do you suffer from lack of confidence, bad backs, any other types of illness?If the answer is yes then this treatment could be for you. Reiki works by healing the whole body andi it unblocks chi and promotes the mind, body and soul.

Reiki works on the meridian lines known as chi if one of these becomes blocked then it can lead to ill health. Reiki works due to the higher conscious and the chakras that are built into us to promote health. Reiki treats the body as a whole and can help with spiritual growth and general wellbeing.

It is a safe and effective hands on approach with the therapist being the source for this universal healing process.

There are courses available on this subject. You will learn to heal yourself and others and you will receive a recognized qualification.





  • Help to relieve migraines and headaches
  • Regulates hormone and help to relives PMS
  • Calms the nervous and respiratory system
  • Improves sleep patterns and helps to relives stress, depression and anxiety
  • Helps relieve symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Sciatica and other ailments.