Time to Relax during Stress Awareness Week

A Healing Touch think you need to take time to relax during Stress Awareness Week this year! International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention, following the establishment of Stress Awareness Day in 1998. This year International Stress Awareness Week is running from Monday 2nd November through to Friday 6th…


5 tips for Keeping Calm

If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed in the last few months, you’re not alone. The coronavirus epidemic has had a massive impact on our daily lives and it’s any wonder we’re able to get out of bed and dressed in the morning at all. (If you did, great job!) While we may…

Getting started with Mindfulness

Getting started with Mindfulness.

At A Healing Touch we are all about self-care, it is so important to take care of yourself. Getting started with Mindfulness can be another part of your self-care routine. Treating yourself to regular treatments, is also extremely important in this. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the basic ability to be fully present, aware of…