Having a Wellness Corporate Event?

A Healing Touch provides onsite massage, beauty, and other holistic and sports treatments as part of your Wellness Corporate Event.


You don’t only have to have massage, you can indulge in any beauty treatments such as mini pedicure, facials, mini manicures, make up for the evening or hair styling if you have an event to go to.

Wellness events


  • Increases Productivity and Motivation.
  • Creates a better work environment.
  • Helps to reduces stress.
  • Can save the organisation money due to the fact so many people this days are of with stress, depression and bad backs.
  • Taking 30 Minutes out to relax properly can help aid concentration.

PRICE – £50 per hour (Please note some companies split this into 15-30 minutes per employee but the choice is yours)


For more information on the treatments available, please head over to our Treatments Page for more information.

We can tailor our services to meet what ever needs you have for you, your business and your employees. We can offer chair based massages which are perfect for those that spend numerous hours sat working at desks hammering away at the computer. Indian Head Massages are also very popular and are an excellent stress reliever. If you would prefer to offer beauty treatments before a big company event then we can also faciliate this. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements for your Wellness Corporate Event.